Friday, March 19, 2010

If I Could Do it Again...

Being in the wedding industry, I see all kinds of very cool ideas for weddings that, if I could get married all over again, I'd have to incorporate into a wedding today.  I would still keep my tented reception and split-rail fence that surrounded my dance floor, but I think I'd have to have these items too:

First up, a sno-cone machine. Oh yes, a sno-cone machine.

Imagine it's a hot summer day- what better, refreshing treat to have than shaved ice topped with blue-raspberry sugary goodness?

I found this one above at HTMart for $48. Wedding or no, I might just have to get one. My mouth is watering, and I bet yours is too.

I'd also have a popcorn bar- because I have a serious popcorn addiction and I think it'd be cool-

Image from ellyB Events Blog, via the Knot. I'm so hungry!

I also think I'd do a photo booth:

Image from Vermont Photobooth. Along with some cool props like moustaches and some funky hats. I love that each guest gets a 4x6 photo that you can personalize with your names and date.

Centerpieces- at the time, I loved the tall blue glass cylinders that I used, but I think today I'd go for something low, bright and colorful, like a gerber daisy centerpieces in blue bell jars, and just for fun, I think I'd sprinkle a ton of Starburst candies around it- the colors would match well, don't you think?

And who doesn't love Starburst? People get so excited when I put them out at the bridal shows.

So if you're already married, what's a few things you would do as a wedding do-over- and if you're getting married, what's something you're having at your reception that you're super excited about?


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