Friday, August 25, 2006

Wedding Themes in Depth: New Year's Eve

This theme is a tricky one, because to really do it up right, it should be on New Year's Eve. If you are lucky enough to manage it, here are some things you can do to make it a "rockin'" party:

1) suggest black tie on your invitations (a good place is on the reception card) but don't be disappointed if not every shows up dressed to the nines.

2) have your bridesmaids dress in black or flashy dresses (it is New Year's after all)

3) Consider giving out party favors in addition to the wedding favors. Get the little New Year's Eve crowns, noise makers (confetti if the reception venue will allow it)

4) stick to black and white for your decorations, with maybe a little splash of red to brighten things'll look posh and swanky

5) what about giving out masquerade masks at the ceremony for guests to wear at the reception (pass them out along with your programs)

6) consider having your wedding and reception later so that you and your guests can ring in the new year, and do appetizers over the course of the evening, rather than a meal, so the heavier drinkers will hopefully continue to nosh over the night

7) be sure to book extra rooms at your site for your guests so that they won't have to drive and make sure that every knows they are available (include this information in as many places as possible, like your save-the-dates and reception cards)

8) Send out save-the-dates and send them early. Many people make plans months in advance or have something they do every year. Plus, it's right around the holidays so you want to make sure they have enough time to plan.

9) Worried about heavy drinking? Consider closing the bar for alcohol 1 hour before your reception ends (your DJ can announce a last call for you)

10) Sparklers baby, yeah! (though just be sure to check with your venue about this!!)

And last, but not least. If you know more than a year in advance that you'll be having your reception on New Year's, buy your decorations right after the New Year's. You'll save big time!

sponsored ad: Don't forget to put these on your tables: wedding cameras. Capture every moment of fun (and there will be lots of it on New Years). Can't do a New Year's eve wedding, but want a new years theme? Consider having it when the Chinese new year starts. Some other decorating ideas: Have a Chinese restaurant cater dinner, hire a sushi chef to make rolls, and serve mini-pad thais as an appetizer. From colorful paper lanterns and parasols to ornate origami, festive d├ęcor is just one trip to Chinatown (or a visit to an online supplier) away. For centerpieces, try exotic and fragrant orchids, colorful lotus blossoms or just fanciful origami creations. Fried bananas or mango ice cream bring a sweet finale to your gathering. Consider ornate fans or personalized fortune cookies as favors.

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