Friday, August 25, 2006

More Wedding Themes: Christmas (or Christmas Eve)

This is a little trickier because so many churches have special masses on these days, so you might have to be creative with your timing. However, if you are having a justice of the peace, you will pretty much be able to do it when you want, as long as you can find someone willing to perform on a holiday.

The nice thing about a holiday wedding is that churches will already be decorated, and you can get other decorations really inexpensively. Consider using rounds of garland as your centerpieces, with just a big candle in the center (or rent hurricane glass for a couple of votives). Accent with red berries on wire (tuck them into the garland) and it will be simple and beautiful. Other ideas: use mini christmas trees as your centerpieces, or even prettily decorated poinsettias.For wedding favors, give your guests plantable christmas tree favors or buy glass christmas tree balls to paint yourself.

Dress your bridal party in traditional holiday colors (red and green...or green dresses with red flowers). Put up lots of white lights. For your cake, why not do square layers, decorated so that it looks like a giant tiered package.

Buy your decorations after Christmas for extra savings and be sure to send out save-the-dates. Don't be surprised if more people can't come, simply because they spend their holidays away from home with their families.

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