Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This Year's Wedding Trends

This year's wedding trends are getting even wilder! Last year (and trending into this year as well) pink and brown were the hot combination. But this year? Greens & browns and blues & browns (think Granny Smith Apple green and Chocolate brown and "Tiffany" blue paired with chocolate brown). Striking combinations to be sure! Many brides are going with a color themed wedding. We've heard deep reds and browns for a fall wedding, with the lighter greens and blues for spring/early summer.

Another growing trend is the use of 3-d embellishments for invitations, such as fake flowers. Brides are choosing unique paper elements such as seeded papers (see our "Wedding Designs" page for more information) and giving their guests a "favor" before they even come to the wedding.

One of the hottest trends this year is the use not only of plantable paper for invitations, but for plantable favors as well. Available in several size, shapes and designs this little numbers have been very popular this year! Check out our plantable favors here.

Another exciting and yummy trend? Chocolate fountains! We've had the pleasure of trying these at a recent function and they are wonderful! Pair your fountain with various fruits (Strawberries...yum!) and shortbread cookies and your guests will have a great time dipping in this flowing chocolatey wonder.

Wedding dresses are beginning to show a little color themselves! We've seen some beautiful dresses that are pink (a soft, blush-like shade), or white with a red sash about the waist that then trails down the back. Don't be afraid to show your personality when picking out your dress, even if it isn't the traditional dress everyone expects. One dress we saw at a bridal show this fall had beautiful colored flower embroidery along the hem, train and bodice...if only I could get married again!

Have you noticed any trends? Feel free to comment and let us know!

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