Friday, July 02, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake

There's nothing better this time of year than macerated strawberries on ice cream, biscuits or both together, yellow, pound get the point. So how amazing would this be in lieu of a wedding cake?

I LOVE cake, don't get me wrong- but I think this would be perfect for a summer time wedding.

To go along with the cake- I made up this invitation to go with:

It would also be cute for a bridal shower theme as well. 
These would make beautiful centerpieces:

Or even just strawberries in a vintage milk glass dishes:

It could get expensive if you had to buy the berries in the store or from your caterer- so this would be a perfect DIY project with bridesmaids- strawberry picking! 
The only downside would be that this would be ideal for an earlier to mid June wedding, at least in Vermont as that's when our best picking season is. And, you'll have to be prepared for empty centerpieces by the end of the night- no one can resist a ripe red strawberry!

I need a snack...

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  1. That invite is darling Carey, love all of this! Happy 4th! Diane


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