Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paper Carnival Day 3 - DIY supplies, Overstocks and more

Everybody loves a carnival- hand cut fries with salt and vinegar, puffy fried dough with powdered sugar, candied apples. Well, this isn't a carnival with all of those yummy foods - it's a carnival of yummy paper! Stationers from around the US have banded together to bring you an amazing selection of papers, envelopes, and all kinds of DIY goodies. My overstock Etsy shop, Parts and Parcels, features envelopes, pocket folds and all kinds of paper goodies to make programs and invitations. 

Fellow stationer mmm...paper® has beautiful Japanese Yuzen papers which work well as backings, wraps or other fun embellishments you may come up with. If you're a stationer just starting out, check out mmm...paper's blog Sage Wedding Pros- chock full of excellent advice on how to (or how not to) get started in the wedding industry.  She'll have a great post tomorrow about becoming a stationer.
Aren't these papers gorgeous?

I'll continue to stock Parts and Parcels with paper goodies after the carnival ends- who knows what wonders you might find!
For more information about Paper Carnival and its participants, check out our Facebook page!


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