Thursday, July 10, 2008

The MASH Game...What Does Your Future Hold

Oh, come on now, you remember this game- the fortune telling game that would tell you who you'd marry, where you lived, what car you'd drive...well now you can play it online. A shout-out to Mary at Suffix Abuse for taking me down the memory lane trip. See what your future holds at

My fabulous results (and yes, I did enter my husband...seemed only right to do so, but apparently we're not meant to be together, LOL).

I will

-Marry Christian Bale (not everyone can say they're married to Batman, sweet!)
-Will settle in my fabulous Vermont apartment after a wild honeymoon
-Will have one kid
-We'll zoom about in our green rusted out clunker (I wanted to have a little realism in there)-
-I will spend my days as a writer and live happily ever after

check it out and feel free to post your totally awesome results in our comments section!

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