Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Killer Destination Wedding

Ok, so my blog title is a little bit misleading...but I couldn't come up with anything better. You'll see why in a minute.

As I was checking up on one of my TV junkie blogs, I came across an early review for a mid-season replacement on CBS called "Harper's Island". The premise is that a young woman returns to her home town for an old friend's wedding on Harper's Island, off the coast of Seattle. Her mother was a victim of a serial murderer seven years before and apparently, someone is still at it. According to the early reviews, someone dies rather horribly on the ferry ride to the island in the first 15 minutes. The police order everyone to remain on the island, and the rest of the season (probably 11-13 episodes) finds the "guests" struggling to 1) stay alive and 2)figure out who the killer among them is.

Sounds like an interesting combination between Scream and the 1986"horror" film April Fool's Day though with real murders... though that would be an interesting twist.

A cool quote from the teaser on youtube- "We'll split up into twos. Never- ever leave your partner. If you see anybody alone- kill them."

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  1. This could be one for both me (the wedding aspect) and the hubby (a big horror freak). Thanks for the tip!


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