Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summertime TV...So Sad, So Here's a Chuckle

Now that summer is in full swing (temps here haven't been below 80 in DAYS!), the summer TV season is a little lacking. Sure, you can catch up on "Bridezillas", "Say Yes to the Dress" (speaking of which, did anyone see the recent episode where the really annoying wedding planner was trying to pick a dress for the bride, YIKES!!, the poor girl was so overwhelmed and the woman clearly didn't know how to listen) and "What Not to Wear" but the lack of quality TV programming is sad. So at night, we end up watching "The Daily Show" (please put John Stewart on real nightly news) and the "Colbert Report" (pronounced, as I now know Col-bear Re-por). I missed this particular episode, but this clip is hysterical- especially if you're 1) totally sick of the democratic candidate race and 2) a fan of "Lost". Check it out and get a good chuckle for the day:

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