Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gerber Daisy Goodness

Here are some pictures sent to me from Saundra Hadley at Planning...Forever Events in Indiana. If you're in her area and are in need of a planner, check out her site and blog. Those familiar with Saundra's work also know she can be seen on her local news station Fox 7 Wednesday mornings at 6:25 dispensing all sorts of wedding goodness.

Here are the gerber daisy pics Saundra sent to us for your viewing pleasure!

It seems a good rule, after checking out these pics is to keep your gerbers in simple arrangements. Their bright colors and sunny faces don't need much embellishment.

Thanks agan, Saundra, for sending the pics!


  1. Well aren't you a sweetie? Thanks for posting them! The trick is using a lot of color!

  2. Check out these guys! Creative incorporation, and doesnt take too many stems...of flowers at least!




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