Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stationery Trends for 2008

I feel as if, as a stationer, I ought to touch base on some of the trends I've been seeing this year. There are no specific color trends (though I've seen some mention of gray and yellow, this has not hit Vermont yet), but the big thing this year is personalization. From colors to fonts to graphics, every one is doing their own thing. Invitations with trees have been huge this year (but, again, I'm in the Green Mountain State, so not surprising). I'm seeing tons of great color combinations, which I'll be posting pics of soon.

But mostly, brides are realizing that the invitation you choose really does set the tone for your event. A simple white invitation with a casual font might suggest to your guests that they don't need to dress up (even if they do). If this is the case- then mission accomplished. But if it's not, consider ways to dress up your invitation. Use a metallic or pearlized paper instead of plain white stock. Maybe add a backing of a bright, unexpected color. Consider your typeface as well. Fonts play a huge part in your invitation. An all caps font paired with a beautiful script for your names will suggest a more formal affair (popular combos, Trajan or Copperplate 32bc and Edwardian or Chopin Script). Add in a beautiful flourish and guests will begin to get the idea. If you can't find something you like, ask your stationer about designing or purchasing a graphic that can be used for any of your stationery and will be unique for you.

Ways to make your invitations stand out:

1- COLOR COLOR COLOR. Don't be afraid to try new combinations. And remember, it doesn't have to match your bridesmaids dresses exactly. Close enough will become "Oh, isn't that neat everything matched" in your guests memories.

2) Unique fonts and combinations- don't be afraid to experiment here either

3) custom designed graphics- damasks are hot right now

4) did I mention color?

5) carry your theme through to your reception- place and escort cards, table cards, menus, thank yous- whatever you might need, do it up in the same style.

6) do what YOU want, not what's expected (just because Mom doesn't like your more eco-friendly RSVP postcard doesn't mean you can't do it *sorry Moms* unless Mom is paying for it, in which case, that might be a battle you lose) RSVP postcards are hot and can be designed in all sorts of ways (it only needs to be within certain sizes for postal regulations)

7) provide guests with lots of information- if you're planning a weekend of events, why not include a "Things to DO" card, accommodation info and/or wedding website information (with even more goodies on it). You'll also avoid phone calls to you wondering if you can provide info with places to stay (imagine getting 50-60 of those)

8) Have fun with wording- especially on the RSVPs- some fun examples:

____Yes, we'll party 'til the cows come home

____Sorry, we're all partied out

(I do live in Vermont)


____Yes, evil ponies couldn't keep us away

____Sorry, we've heard the evil pony bites

(the bride's mom owned a pony, who, as you can guess, was evil and a biter, a big family joke)

Whatever you decide to do- let your personalities shine through and your guests will be chomping at the bit to come (pun intended!)

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