Monday, October 08, 2007

The Handcrafted Wedding

If you are looking for different and unique, checking out The Handcrafted Wedding. From their website (of which we're a proud member!):

The Handcrafted Wedding was created to showcase an exclusive group of independent designers and specialty artisans who have one goal in mind… to create your wedding vision with unique, customizable wedding accessories, that are crafted with uncommon quality.

Each featured designer was selected based on the extraordinary creativity, quality, and services they provide. From custom save-the-date cards to attention-grabbing wedding favors, each exceptional detail helps perfect the unique event you’ve been anticipating for a lifetime.

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  1. I finally found my niche! I so believe in this way of thinking. Handmade is the way to go in order to maintain a uniqueness to your wedding. And it also allows the bride and groom to experience wonderful relationships with people who WANT to be doing what they do! Please visit my blog to see my corner of the handmade world!



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