Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bride Sues Over Wrong Flowers

I suppose if I were paying nearly $28,000 for flowers, hydrangeas at that, I'd probably want to sue to. Bride Elena Glatt is suing her florist for $400k, for breach of contract. Not only the flowers the wrong color (and so did not match with the rest of the decor)-- she had requested rusty/green hydrangeas and got green and pink-- the bride claims that they were in dusty vases and wilting to boot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in order to get the rusty color, the hydrangeas have to be on their way out (and only certain varieties will do this in the first place).

I can see being upset- but I'm not sure which would have me more upset- $28000 for hydrangeas or having them be the wrong color. And would I be $400k worth of upset?

I'd love to see some pictures. It's unfortunate for all involved, because, if you look up the florist involved, their sites getting buried under links to this news story. Hopefully it won't destroy their business, but it certainly could.

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