Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wedding Registries: A Necessity?

In this day and age...absolutely. Many couples live together before marriage and often times have everything they need for their homes. But, maybe you need a new toaster oven, or would really like new placemats and napkins, or maybe your future husband really needs new powertools to make the deck you've been wanting. Rather than get things you don't want and won't use, registries take out the guess work for your guests and insure that you will get what you really want and need.

While registries are important, it is still not proper etiquette to put anything in your wedding invitations about your registry, nor is it appropriate to ask for cash instead. This is where you need to enlist the help of your family to spread the word to those guests (many will call your parents or grandparents to inquire about what to get you). However, I do feel that including something in your bridal shower invitation is ok (though Emily Post might disagree). Just don't over do it. One or two registries is enough. Four really just seems greedy.

Occasionally, couple's will even put things like mortgage down payments and honeymoons on their registries, so that you can contribute. Personally, I think it's a bit much, though I don't know if there is technically anything wrong with doing that. You may also want to consider not putting a $1200 LCD TV on your list if you know no one will be able to afford it. Be sure to put plenty of gifts in all prices ranges on your registry so that there will be something for every budget.
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