Monday, November 27, 2006

Colin Cowie Talks Next Year's Trends

Colin Cowie is one of the leading planners in the industry. He's been on Opera, has tons of books, and even just released a line in Walmart in silvers and purples. So, what does Colin say for next year? Using 1 color in three different patterns, and dividing your room into thirds. Use three different centerpieces, also in your colors. Carry this through with napkins and place settings.

Hot colors seems to be shades of, apple, grass.

Of course, not everyone has a budget to pull this off. But you can certainly achieve a similar look. Napkins and placesettings aren't a necessity (and if you are having a buffet, might not even be on the table). Centerpieces can be simple potted flowers in three different colored flower pots (buy cheap terra cotta and some spray paint). As for linens, renting may be an option for you (Check out Vermont Weddings for linen rentals in Vermont). It will add some to the cost, but the look will be fabulous.
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