Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who Should Receive an Invitation?

There is always some question about who should receive an invitation. According to Emily Post, anyone over the age of 10 should receive an invitation. However, due to budget concerns, this isn't always practical. If budget is of no concern, we recommend sending one to anyone over the age of 14-15. Teenagers have busy lifestyles, between sports, friends and other extra-curricular activities, and are always struggling with being treated as a burgeoning adult. Sending them their own invitation is a great idea and a way to make them feel a little extra special.

The question always arises over friends' significant others. If a couple lives together, but you only know one of them, it isn't proper to address the inner (or outer envelope in some cases) to Miss Jane Smith and Guest. You should make an attempt to find out their partner's name. If your friend is single, but dates occassionally, or has just started seeing someone you may put guest on the envelope.

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