Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Real Vermont Weddings: Nicole and Brooke, Top Notch Resort

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Brooke last year on their wedding stationery. From invitations to programs, table numbers to favor cards, everything coordinated with our Simply Sweet Designs in shades of pink and green. So I was super excited to see the photos from their wedding from photographer Kathleen Landwehrle. I love Brooke's expression at first seeing Nicole (top left).

Submitted Via Two Bright Lights.

Vendors: Top Notch Resort, Stowe
Vermont Country Weddings
Lasso'd Moon- Invitations, Programs, Favor tags & table numbers
DJ-HP Bands
Officiant Annie Alexander-Kramer
Cookie Cakes- Bride

 From Nicole: Words of advice we'd offer: make sure to stay organized and communicate & confirm specific details with vendors...Take time to talk and thank each and every guest, and we really enjoyed seeing each other prior to our ceremony...Kathleen called it the "First Look" and it was a very private / emotional moment and helped take some of the nerves off. We also joke that our wedding day was literally "the calm before the storm" as Hurricane Irene came to town the following day. Kathleen got a couple of pictures of Brooke (the Weatherman) in his room watching the storm on CNN prior to the ceremony.


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