Friday, September 02, 2011

Has Your Wedding Been Moved Because of Hurricane Irene? Get the Word Out:

If your wedding has been displaced due to Hurricane Irene, please feel free to down load this fill-in PDF. It's a fill-in postcard (sized to 4x6) that you can easily print and send to your guests.



Just follow this link here, which will open the PDF in your browser- simply fill it in, and print or save it to your desktop and fill-in at a later time. As the postcard is set to size, you will need to have your paper size set to 4x6 in your print settings.

For those of you who'd like it-- here's a graphic for the back  

You will need to select borderless print on the back to get your printer to print to the edge, otherwise it will just print with a .25" border.

Please note that while the graphic shows a bit fuzzy here, the printed PDF will be nice and sharp. We wish you all the best-


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