Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding Wednesday- My Kate Parker Weddings

My Kate Parker Weddings, a new planning site created by wedding planner Kate Parker, launch January 1st. This amazing free resource caters to your budget- here's what Kate wrote about her site: "Coming from a wedding planning company, myKPW shows you the industry standard breakdown of your overall wedding budget: under 25k, 25-50k, 50-80k, and 80k and up. As you book your vendors you can input their total costs and see how your budget lines up with the industry standard. Every wedding is different and let's face it, you're going to make priorities and splurge in one or more areas… Our simple bar graphs will show you how your budget is stacking up to keep your priorities and your wallet in check."

You'll also have the option to change up your priorities, so if you want to spend less on your catering and more on your photography, you can reallocate your funds and see vendors in other budget ranges! But MyKPW isn't just about budget- it's also an amazing photo resource featuring inspiration and images from real weddings, searchable not only by color, but wedding style as well. And soon, you'll be able to create your own inspiration board using vendors in your budget. I encourage all newly-engaged to sign up and check it out. Currently it features wedding professionals in the Northeast (RI, VT, NY, ME, etc), but will soon be expanding into other markets.

Sign up for free today and start planning!


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