Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesday- The MUST Have Kitchen Utensils

Last week, guest poster Dawn Viola clued us in as to the bakeware and cookware we should have in our kitchen. This week, I bring you her list of the must have utensils.

Utensils: Stainless steel is the best choice whenever possible. If using non-stick cookware, then silcon or rubber should be used.
1 spatula
1 wire whisk
2 sets of tongs
1 set of large wooden spoons
1 large mixing spoon
1 large slotted spoon
vegetable peeler
box cheese grater
manual can opener
manual bottle opener
manual cork screw
cutting boards - wood or plastic (never glass; it damages knives)

Knives: A good set of knives is worth the investment. If kept sharp, they'll last a lifetime.
8" chef knife
1 steel (for honing, not sharpening)
1 pairing knife
1 bread knife
6 steak knives
Kitchen shears

Ten + years into marriage and I still don't have a pair of kitchen shears, and I can't tell you how many times I wish I did! A good pair can be used for cutting up a chicken (no joke, I saw Alton Brown on the Food Network do it), chives, green onions and all kinds of things- but just keep them separate and don't use them for paper.

What kitchen item could you not live without? For me, it's a 12" non-stick skillet from Hoffritz. It's seriously amazing. Scrambled eggs, no sticking, no butter or margarine. We got it when a kitchen outlet was going out of business and got a tremendous deal on it- I only wish I'd gotten a smaller 6" or 8" too. But we can also put it in the oven as well because it's got a metal handle (great for making things like frittatas).

For more goodies from Dawn, check out her blog, Wicked Good Dinner. Next week, Dawn will be sharing must have cookbooks!


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  1. I certainly would die a slow and painful death without my Santoku knife. I seriously pack it and take it with me when I have to cook outside of my own kitchen. My life would just be incomplete without it. :)


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