Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take 5 Tuesday- A Peek Into the Studio

I'm always curious about where others work, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of my studio. It's nothing fancy- and I'm still trying to decide where to hang things (just moved into a new home studio), but you might see a few surprising things:

One of the shelves of paper- the ball jar "vase" is full of lavender buds- and flowers, made of paper!

Yes, that's Eeyore on that mug. On the board is some inspiration in the form of vintage postcards, some cute Cartolina notebooks and pictures of my eldest (to the right, unseen, is another board with more kid pics)

A small part of my collection. People are always surprised to learn I collect Barbie dolls- it started when I was a kid, and just never stopped. Most are collectibles, and one, had the box not gotten ruined through several moves, was at one time worth $600. The shelves wrap around 2 walls of my office, but there are other spots in my home that house different collections of dolls (Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland).

What surprising things would someone find in your office or work space?


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  1. Carey,
    Your office looks so organized. It's funny for me, my house stays pretty clean but my computer deck always look like a train wreck. Heck, I hope 2010 brings in some more organization for me for my blogging.
    On a personal note, I wanted to know if you are interested in exchanging blog links. Would you like your blog listed on my blogroll with just your website name or some other text?
    On a business note, friends of mine at Exclusively Weddings said if I ever ran into a quality wedding related website (like this one) to ask if you might be interested in listing them on your blog? Is it possible to have them listed in your navigation or footer under a category like "Wedding Resources" or "Links"?. They might be open to other options if you have any other ideas. Of course, I'm sure they could pay you a fee by PayPal for your time.
    Enough about them I look forward to hearing back from you either way and keep up these great posts!!

    Leslie Jenkins


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