Friday, January 15, 2010

Free for all Friday- A Peek Into my Kitchen

If it's not totally apparent by now, I'll say it again. I love vintage. A lot. I have a lot of tins and trays, ball jars in turquoise and old fruit labels serving as wall art. As we're in the process of remodeling, I find myself trying to rid myself of clutter. Our kitchen/open dining room is fairly big- 12 x 24, but severely lacking in cabinet space. So I found myself looking for other ways to either display the tins that I have, or *gasp* consider getting rid of them. I really didn't want to get rid of them, so I found new life for them:

These are obviously holding my cooking utensils, replacing the ugly plastic container they came with.

Oh, what's that one hiding? Well, let me tell you! Caps and tops to baby bottles and cups.

What about these? :
The tray has been known to appear in some product shots. The tins are holding other "things" like check books, a know, that stuff that there's just no other place for.

And these baskets that are on the bottom shelf of our bakers rack:

Are hiding trashbags. We buy them in bulk and the orange boxes they come in are hideous. What's that? You can't see them? I know!! LOL

So what creative uses for your space and goodies?



  1. lovely vintage tins you have:)

  2. Makes me want to reorganize my kitchen!

  3. So pretty Carey! I love getting a peek at your kitchen. :)


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