Thursday, January 07, 2010

Free for All Friday- My Secret Obsession

Ok, well not so secret after this post, but here it is. I have an obsession with dishes. I currently have three sets- one antique set that I partly purchased/partly got from my Grandmother (they were what she used as I was growing up, and love the childhood connection). In the end, I think I ended up with over 20 dinner plates among tons of other goodies too.

Then I have the settings that we picked when we got married. While not quite my style anymore, there is a sentimental connection to those too.

Then there's my holiday dishes (LOVE these, and in fact, are in the dish rotation all year around).

I have to try and stay out of the dishes section at TJ Maxx (which can be a great place to find deals on normally pricey dinnerware), because I find things I start obsessing over:

These aren't quite what I found the other day, but thankfully I didn't write down what they actually were (as I might be tempted to see what deals I could find online), but the design was similar only the lines of the pattern had a distressed grey look to them. Seriously, though, I might have to go back and get some. They'll go with ANYTHING...and how pretty would they be at the holidays with a deep red table cloth?

I've also been tempted to buy some multi-colored dishes in Target too-

So there you have it! My {not-so} secret obsession. Don't tell my husband. What's yours? Post below- your secret is safe as long as your SO doesn't read this blog :)



  1. i have many!
    art/craft supplies
    but all cheap. i'd rather have 10 inexpensive coats than 1 pricey version! there you have it!

  2. Can we just say that TJMaxx and all contents found inside are my obsession? I'm just glad to know I'm not the only person who has a slight obsession with dishes!

  3. Oooh fun post Carey! And I LOVE your holiday dishes, nice change from the traditional red/ green thing...and love that you can use year round.


    magazines (any and all)
    housewares (feel ya on the dishes)
    children's picture books
    and lately I love anything with an owl on it!

  4. Dishes are my obsession as well. I'm not even married yet (July!) and I have service for 16 in plain white Corelle, service for 16 in a gorgeous deep blue floral, service for 8 in Platzgraff's Winterberry, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous pieces. That doesn't count my huge collection of teapots, cups, and saucers. I think I have two full tea services, another 3 teapots, a tea kettle, and over two dozen cups and saucers - some that match and some that don't.

    Needless to say, I love dishes. However, I also love having dinner parties, as does my fiance, so those dishes will go to good use. (And I'm actually getting him hooked on dishes, too!)


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