Thursday, September 03, 2009

Winter Wonderland- Snowflake Wedding Invitation in Navy and Silver

This invitation was a mock-up we created recently featuring charcoal snowflakes printed on a white metallic paper, with a silver and deep navy backing. Elegant and pretty for a winter wedding!


A second version has the snowflakes "falling" down the side of the invitation:

Snowflake Wedding Invitations

This invitation would also be GORGEOUS paired with black and a pale light blue, but could be done in any color scheme- pricing starts at $3.25 for the invitation with inserts priced separately. Send an e-mail using the contact link above for more information, or check out our other wedding invitations. You can also purchase this at our Etsy shop!



  1. Are these show flake invitations still avalible?

  2. Hi Molly!
    Most definitely :) you can check out our website here: and use the contact form there to send in your information.

    Carey @ Lasso'd Moon


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