Monday, September 28, 2009

Vermont Foliage & Fall in Vermont Weddings

Vermont is second to none when it comes comes to foliage- but today was a little rainy and muted the colors. But with fun with the Lomo App on my Iphone, I was able to take these photos and give an interesting twist on an otherwise dreary day.

Peak foliage will probably be here by the weekend, though in the mountains, it's already pretty close. If you're considering a fall in Vermont weekend, this is definitely a great time of year (late September, Early October) but you'll want to plan it earlier in the day to stay warm- the nights can get pretty chilly, but average day temps are around 60. Some great locations to check out- Moutain Meadows Lodge (it was just beautiful yesterday with all the color, despite the rain), Hawk Mountain Resort, Echo Lake Inn, Okemo Resorts (Jackson Gore Inn), Mountain Top Inn and Riverside Farm.


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  1. love them! wish i had an iphone just for that app!


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