Monday, July 06, 2009

New Invitation Designs

This pretty invitation featured a twist on our exclusive Bluebirds of Happiness invitations, giving it a completely different look!

This is a new exclusive invitation (not even on our site yet) that we did for one of our newest clients (who's white, yellow and gray invitation is below) who is having a bridesmaids brunch the morning of the wedding.

This is her bright white pocketfold invitation that features a yellow backing, tree and grey font. Bright and chic!

The first image below is a close up of a map I did for Jo and Freeman, who got married on the 28th of June at Shelburne Farms, and then are taking an incredible 7 month journey through parts of Africa and Europe. The tree invitation was sent for the wedding in the US, while the linen and plume design is being sent to guests invited to a reception in their honor in Nairobi!

A creamy linen cardstock with a beautiful plume designed printed at the top and bottom, backed by Anna Griffin's plume paper from Envelopments. It was housed in a bronze portable pocket and sealed in a lined envelope. So elegant!

We'll be featuring more designs in the next couple of days.

All designs ©Lasso'd Moon Designs.


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