Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The "Outs" of Invitations

Today's wedding invitations have a number of options as to how they can be packaged. So I've written up this little glossary that will help you not only in shopping but in determining what best will fit your needs.

Pocket folds
: These come as small as 4.25 x 5.5 and as large as 7x7. They are ideal if you need to send a lot of information to your guests as they can hold anywhere from two to four cards (ironically, the 7x7 can't hold as many cards as a 5x7 pocketfold can). Typically these will cost more to mail because of the weight of the paper (and remember that a square invitation will automatically be .20 more to mail because of "non-machinability". Some have side pockets, some are vertical and some are horizontal- no shortage of options here!

Envelofolds®, pochettes and petal folds: Essentially these are all the same types of folders-

Envelopments makes there's with square off edges (above), so that when closed it resembles an envelope. Some companies make these with rounded edges that will actually interlock to stay closed on their own (below).

Boxes: Boxes always make an impression, but they'll make an impression on your bank account too- these puppies cost a lot to mail. But there is no denying how pretty they can be, or how much information they can hold.

Belly Bands: Belly bands make a great alternative to all of the above, and can be used to hold all of your cards together. These can be printed on giving your invitation suite a cohesive look. In other styles, you can wrap the band around the main invitation, tucking the inserts in behind.

Portable Pockets Portable pockets are great for housing invitation information as well- or just making for a really neat looking design.

Gatefold a three panel piece of vellum or cardstock, gatefolds close around an invitation an open like an old-fashioned gate that would be at the bottom of a southern plantation.


Images are copyrighted by Lasso'd Moon Designs or Envelopments. All rights reserved.
Originally published 5/09.

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