Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paper Snips Collection

*Years should be written out as two-thousand nine, no "and". Why? Because in math, "and" means there's a decimal place.

*Do you know the difference between "pleasure of your company" and "honor of your presence"? The second is used for church weddings only.

*Only use "and guest" on an invitation where the recipient has no significant other, or has only been dating a short time. Otherwise, give her/him a call and get a name :).

*Before the invention of the printing press in 1447, town criers would often announce weddings. Those within earshot could attend.

*The trend of double envelopes began to protect the invitations that were often delivered on horseback. The outer envelope was taken off before being handed to the head of the house.

*Did you know that traditionally, RSVP cards were not included with invitations and that it is actually proper etiquette to not include this card? It was customary to reply with a written note indicating your attendance. Today's invitations include RSVP cards for convenience.


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