Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Green Vermont Weddings

If you're looking for a unique and environmentally friendly wedding "Green Vermont Weddings" can help. From owner Amalia Harris:

Nestled deep in the mountains of Northern Vermont, a place so extraordinary it was crowned a kingdom by it's predecessors, you will find a wedding planner that can introduce you to this most memorable place. Green Vermont Wedding was founded by Amalia Harris, a local woman known for her vibrant laugh, gregarious personality and large extended family. After helping plan and coordinate more than a dozen weddings within her community, and with the guidance and support from her family, she embarked upon this new adventure. Coupled with her first hand knowledge and understanding of the locale, terrain and fabric of this special place she can offer her clients an experience unmatched by any other. Additionally Amalia has traveled extensively around the United States and can bring to the table modern and diverse styles and tastes sure to please the most discerning bride.

Additionally, Amalia grew up on an organic farm and prides herself on making business decision that reflect her environmental ethics. Here are some addtional images:

So if you're looking for a unique Vermont wedding venue with an environmentally friendly outlook, don't hesitate to contact Amalia at


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