Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Message for Military Brides and Grooms in New York City

This comment was left under a previous post about military couples, but I thought I would post it so it wouldn't get missed.

am looking for young engaged couple of which one or both are veterans of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan to participate in a company launch event for my client in New York City in October. The couple will receive $1000 towards their wedding that they can use in any way. The couple will be asked to tell their story and participate in an attempt to break a world record (we promise - it's not risky or embarrassing). If you know someone who fits this description, please contact me with the couple's names, ages, and story as soon as possible. Preference will be given to those with great human interest stories, and the selected couple will be notified by September 19th. We're only looking for people currently in the New York City area. Thanks so much.

Staci Bender

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