Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time to Get Creative and WIN!

We're going to be redoing our online store and need a cool new name. Something related to our current name, Lasso'd Moon Designs. So, to help inspire you, we're also offer a notecard set to the person who comes up with the most fitting name. We'll be selling our exclusive notecards (two of our signature designs are below), birth announcements, holiday cards and select wedding favors (mostly the plantable favors) and possibly a few other stationery related items.

Leave your best ideas in a comment below (and an e-mail address so we can contact you) and we'll announce the winner on the 25th. Good luck!

Here's two of the available designs- and we'll also throw in personlization if you want it!


  1. Midnight Moon
    Moonlight at Midnight
    Moonlight Kisses

  2. Playing on the Its a Wonderful Life theme, what about
    Zuzu's Petals
    Zuzu's Studio
    Bedford Falls Stationers
    Buffalo Gal (something or another...???)

  3. Over the Moon

    and another reference to It's a Wonderful Life:
    By the Light of the Moon (lyrics to a song in the movie)

    Moon Medley

    Moon Melange

  4. 1. Paper Moon

    2. Papered Moon

    These are the first two that came to mind, but I think they are taken or similar to other businesses out there.

    It would be nice to continue your It's a Wonderful Life theme. I just can't think of anything that isn't already taken.

  5. Moon Paperie
    Ink Paperie
    ... and why not just The Ink Spot??


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