Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Funny "Fourth"

We were coming home this past holiday weekend and encountered a sobriety check point. It was nearly 8:30 at night, well past bedtime and the boys are a little "punch drunk" and goofy.

Here's how the exchange went:
The Mister rolls down the window as the officer approaches.
Officer: Hello, we're conducting a sobriety check point. Has anyone been drinking this evening?
Mr Moon: No sir.
Officer: Great. Thank you. You can go (hands over a pamphlet)

From the backseat, Goober Jr. leans forward and says with a grin: Are you the police?

Embarrassed chuckles from the parents as who knows what's coming next out of his mouth. I'm silently praying that it's not something about how he thinks the police are bad guys, despite us repeating that they aren't the bad guys they catch the bad guys.

Officer, with a smile: Yes.

Goober Jr: Don't put my baby kitty in jail!

Officer (laughing): My daughter has one of those- don't worry.

At this point we wish the officer a good evening and drive away hysterically laughing, thankful that 1) the officer had a good sense of humor and 2) Goober Jr. didn't say anything that would've gotten us thrown in the slammer, along with baby kitty.

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