Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who's Writing This Blog Anyway...??

My name is Carey- and in no particular order, I'm a stationer, a graphic designer in self-training, a mom to two boys with another baby on the way, a wife, a fairly terrible housekeeper (I blame my messy kids and busy business for that, LOL), an avid reader and a gal who likes to have fun. I used to play piano and could probably still pound out a few tunes (with my fair share of mistakes), I probably own too many books, I love spending time with my family and love cheesy romance movies (especially holiday ones!). I think I've got a pretty good sense of humor, though occasionally unintentional (case in point: I say to Mr. Moon last night..."Why doesn't Stephen Colbert pronounce the "T" in report on his show's intro?" To which he replies, laughing "uh, because Colbert is pronounced without the 'T'" all but saying, "DUH!" as he laughs for several minutes. In my defense, I think I've watched the show twice from the beginning, and I blame my pregnancy addled brain for not putting it together).

But enough about me- what's your story? Are you a bride, a friend in the business, a planner, a curious passerby? Leave a comment! Say your peace!

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  1. Cool post and I got a chuckle out of your Stephen ColberT story :)


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