Friday, April 18, 2008

Man Proposes Via Crossword Puzzle

After meeting on a blind date, two Atlanta, Georgia, educators discovered their shared love of crossword puzzles. Not the kind that does them in the Sunday paper, they usually do them every night. So Alex Fay got the idea to propose via a crossword. Managing to get his cross entitled "Pop Quiz" published in the USA Today, he discreetly handed the puzzle to his beloved who started filling in the blanks. "I thought it was ironic," Lisa Stern said. "We'd talked about getting engaged," but it wasn't until she got to 58 across, with a clue reading "Question that pops up?" that it started to slowly come together. The answer to the clue? "Will you marry me?"

Her answer was a three letter word for "An affirmative response". :)

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  1. How funny is that?!

    By the way,

    You've been tagged...
    It's a fun little game from Saundra. The details are on my blog.


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