Monday, April 07, 2008

Calling Vermont Brides- Need Help Planning Your Vermont Wedding?

Looking for more information to plan your Vermont Wedding? Check out the latest bridal show coming up this Sunday, April 13th at the Jackson Gore Inn at Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont. For more information check out The doors open at 11:30 and prize drawings (including a Breezes Honeymoon) will begin at 2:30. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to talk to the vendors and turn in your slip for prize eligibility.

Tips for an easy bridal show experience:
1)Wear comfy shoes
2)Bring a notebook for anything you might want to remember later
3)Bring a friend or two to help carry the information you receive (but too many friends or family members can make it overwhelming...imagine getting six opinions all at once instead of two)
4)Don't be afraid to ask questions
5)Don't book that day with money down- why? Because it's always best to get referrals and ask around about vendors. Seeing them at the show isn't always the same as having them at your wedding. But do schedule appointments if you really like a vendor so that you have a chance to talk to them without having to worry about interruptions from other brides or talking over the DJ's music.
6) put notes on brochures, especially if you liked a particular vendor- that way you'll have a better chance of remembering exactly why you liked them.
7) have fun and try not to get overwhelmed!! Who knows- you might walk away with some great contacts and prizes.

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