Monday, March 17, 2008

Wedding SOS

Has anyone else seen this show and thought HOLY SMOKES?!?!

If you haven't, "Wedding SOS" features tough-love bridal planner/expert Jane Dayus-Hinch who comes in and rescues coouples whose weddings are threatening to turn into disasters. And I do mean DISASTERS. These aren't weddings where there's trouble with a bridesmaid or a vendor is pulling his/her weight. These are weddings that in no way will happen if someone doesn't step in and take drastic measures. Jane also offers each couple three wishes. It can be anything (so far I haven't see her fail yet).

I find this show fascinating for a number of reasons, but the biggest being that I can't imagine how serious a couple is about each other and getting married that can't get their stuff together. Case-and-point, the last episode I caught featured a couple who had absolutely NOTHING done. No contracts, no deposits...they just assumed that because they'd discussed their date with the vendors of their choosing they'd show up. Uh...huh? Oh, and did I mention that the bride showed up for their first meeting with Jane drunk after a night of partying? I couldn't believe how cavalier they were being about their wedding, which should be one of the most important days of their life. If you're getting married and getting completely overwhelmed I encourage you to seek out a wedding planner. Not only can they help you stay on budget- they'll also make sure it will all get done on time and in the manner you want.

If you haven't seem this show, I encourage you to check it out. Consult your local TV listings for dates and times.

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