Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Super-Hero Marriage Dissolves

Sad, but true. For fans of "Spiderman", the 21 year marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane has come to an end. Not in divorce, but in a strange deal to save the life of mortally wounded Aunt May. In a deal with Mephisto (a demon like entity- who if you saw (or read) "Ghost Rider" will recognize him as the one who gave the Rider his powers), he saved the life of Aunt May in exchange for erasing the memory their marriage from everyone. Fans, at first, were outraged (imagine if Superman and Lois Lane decided to split?!?). Some were then excited, but others have remained angry. Wrote one fan on a message board: "Considering I have been reading Spider-Man for exactly 20 years now, and that seems to be the amount of time Joe Q. has decided to rip from Spider-Man continuity, can I simply return all of my Spider-Man comics for a full refund?"

So, do you think the story line will stick? Will one remember and then have to convince the other? *Sigh* so sad...can't someone live happily ever after :) ?

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