Monday, January 07, 2008

The Knot Declares 2008 trends

Seems a little presumptuous to claim this years trends already (it's only the 7th of January, LOL) but here are somethings that The Knot sees being big in 2008:

Keyword: Creativity! Couples want their day to be memorable, and are looking for different ways to incorporate their personalities.

Beauty and Fashion:
Renting jewelry. Get big name (ie Vera Wang) jewelry at a fraction of the cost. has great brand name bags and pieces of flair that you can rent.

Double-takes: Brides will be changing outfits and hairstyles through out their reception.

Antique wedding and engagement rings: I have to admit- I love Jennifer Love Hewitt's antique diamond ring. Of course, there are more and more jewelry designers emulating the look, so if you're concerned about the quality of an older piece, you can probably order something that looks old, but is made by today's standards (though seriously- how cool would it be to have your grandmother or great grandmother's diamond?!?)

These two ideas contradict each other but...

Lavish receptions a la Marie Atoinette- Tons of flowers, rich colors, lavish 7 course dinners, ornate invitations

Green Weddings: eating local produce, producing as little waste as possible (think plantable invitations or *gasp* e-mailing your invites- though maybe not such a good idea, especially when you've got older, less techie family members), using linens and "real" silverware and plates vs the throw away and plastic kinds.

80s a Go-Go: hiring cover bands to rock out at your reception (are you in Vermont? Check out Shakedown- they're awesome!)

and Travel: Bigger, badder, longer honeymoons- though I don't see the average couple doing this with gas and travel prices on the rise

What do you think about these trend predictions? I definitely agree with the creativity- the brides we design stationery for are looking for "their colors" or designs that mean something to them, fun pictures. And, while I can see the Marie Atoinette type thing showing up on "Platinum Weddings" I don't know that it'll trickle down into the average wedding. But, as 2008 is just getting started, we'll see what happens!

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  1. I have to say I rarely give much credence to what the Knot says (only because it doesn't effect where I live for several years)....however these trends are awesome!

    I have a bride who will be wearing white pantsuit and changing into her dress (we are having dinner BEFORE the wedding). uber cool.


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