Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Other Cool Blogs

In our efforts to de-clutter just about everything, we're also working on decluttering our blog. Our list of links has grown, and so is getting it's own post, in addition to having a permalink in the middle column. Check out these other blogs for inspiration, advice and practical tips.

Wedding/Design Related:

  • 'Artful Sentiments

  • Three Wheels Turning

  • Paper Cuts by Feterie

  • Fine by M.E.

  • Paisley Wallpaper

  • Pure Style

  • Custom Programs

  • Tulaloo

  • L. Stone Designs: A Bridal Jewelry Designer's Blog

  • BLOG your wedding for FREE at VTBrides.com -- compliments of Vermont Bride Magazine

  • I Captured A Blog: DVD Photo Slideshow Advice and More

  • What a Wedding!

  • The Wedding Workroom

  • White Lace Wedding

  • Precious Nuptials and Destinations
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