Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top Wedding Cake Trends

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According to an article on MSN, there are 5 major in trends in wedding cake decor:

Letterpress designs: borrow from your invitations, dress or china pattern and impress or paint the designs on to fondant

Believable Colors: According to the article, it's best to choose soft shades, rather than bright "Crayola" colors

Oversized Flowers: Have your baker create oversized sugar flowers from real flowers that are normally smaller (the article suggests daisies)

Signature Silhouettes: Whether they're created from old photos of you, or designs found in nature, silhouettes will give your cake a personal look.

Different Shapes: This is a great idea, and one I saw on the Food Network's Wedding Cake Challenge the other night. Winner Michelle Bommarito created a really cool cake with alternating circular and square layers (the squares were actually designed to be books and a suitcase, incorporating the couple's love of travel and the fact that the fiance was a doctor-*I think*).

Check out the full article by Anja Winikka here.

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