Monday, July 02, 2007

Favor boxes- "Tiffany" Blue, Brown and more!

Imported from the UK, these favor boxes are perfect for those seeking specialty favors for their wedding. Only .96 per box or get them with ribbon $1.61. They can be filled with candies, personalized M & Ms (which you can order in your colors) or any other little goodie you can think of. Pair these with a candy buffet and let guests fill their own boxes. Boxes are available in blue, brown, pink, light green and lavender.

Other ways to incorporate Tiffany Blue and Brown:


This invitation set features a gatefold save the date, a blue Envelofold (TM) shower invitation, and a Bronze pocketfold with blue accents. Available in many design set-ups at Lasso'd Moon Designs.

Bridal Party
Alfred Angelo offers a Tiffany Blue color:

Accent the blue dresses with white bouquets and brown ribbons around the stems or, go with brown dresses:

But, you may want to go with brown tuxes if you go this route:

Just remember that every vendor you deal with will see "Tiffany Blue" in a different way- so be sure to get swatches of papers and fabrics whenever you can. The reason? True "Tiffany Blue" is a trademarked color that only Tiffany's can legally use.

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