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Roles and Duties

The Roles of Wedding depends on the customs and tradition on different cultures. We attend wedding all the time. And, we may play a certain part of the wedding. Listed below are common wedding roles with meaning.


This guy is the closest friend or relative to the Groom. Basically, he serves as a personal aide to end the wedding in good note. In addition, he helps the Groom to dress up, drives the Groom to the wedding, oversees the Groomsmen, and secures the ring for the wedding.

Maid Of Honor

Usually, she is the closest friend or relative to the Bride. She helps the Bride in dressing up, and preparing for wedding ceremony.


They are one of the closest friends and relatives of Groom. He helps plan for bachelor party, helps the Groom and Bestmen, relaxes the Groom, decorates the limousine, and supports the Groom.


They support the Bride emotionally, dance with Groomsman, help in wedding plans, decorates the ceremony, aide the Maid of Honor, and entertain the guests.

Coin Bearer

Traditionally, the wedding coins are brought to the front by Coin Bearer. The wedding coins symbolize prosperity and unity.

Bible Bearer

Usually, this role is played by young kids. They walk up the aisle to bring the bible.

Ring Bearer

Typically, it is one of the roles which the nieces and nephews play. They carry a cute wedding pillow top with rings. And, they walk up the aisle to deliver the rings.

Flower Girl

Their main duty is to shower the wedding aisle with flowers.

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