Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Linen Shop at Occasions, Rochester, Vermont

The Linen Shop at Occasions introduces additional sheer tablecloth options.
Whether brides travel to Vermont for the mountain views, the rustic properties or the cows themselves, they wouldn’t come if Vermont didn’t have style. The wedding industry, like the state, is about style. From Burlington to Manchester, from banquet halls to barns, The Linen Shop at Occasions has a finger on the pulse of Vermont wedding table fashion. Once again, the state’s premier specialty linen provider is expanding their inventory to fit the tastes of this year’s brides.
You may be familiar with our new selection of jewel tones sewn in the shiny, fun and popular fabric known as Topaz. In addition to the new brightly colored options, The Linen Shop also purchased a selection of sheer overlays from Putzy and Barbara, of Bondville, Vt. Owners Barbara Little and Putzy Pinto specialized in sheer fabrics and we are pleased to offer more than a dozen options of that variety.
Our previous selection included a floor-length sheer, which gives any shade or pattern shine and elegance. Our white and green vine pattern accented with a pale green satin border was popular last year. One of our most interesting sheers –the green with pink embroidered flowers - looks great over white, green or pink. The pride of our sheer collection, our 100% cotton organza, comes in a pleated pattern, or with a ribbon casing. These clothes are magical. Over bright, pale or dark colors, they can look delicate or sophisticated. As a testament to their versatility, we’ve even rented these clothes with hot pink underclothes. And you thought fuchsia lacked style.
Those are the old favorites, now bring in the new guys! We have plain white, ivory, checks, stripes, star patterns, lace and more. Our new clothes range in size from 72” squares to 85” squares, they were made as overlays for five and six foot tables, and they look great on either rounds or squares. There’s a white cloth, checked with ultra sheer and semi-sheer squares. Over red, on a square table, the result is fancy and sleek but the look has a hint of “picnic.”
The new striped sheer is the fancier cousin of the once popular Imperial Stripe. It’s a white sheer cloth, broken by two inch strips of satin. Over white it’s superb, and if there are stripes or colors elsewhere in your scheme, it could be the perfect highlight. The new inventory also includes a funky star pattern perfect for a New Years Eve party and a sheer scattered with leaf outlines.
The leaves are faint, but just cute enough for a fall-themed event. They’ll look great over pumpkin and gold cloths, the white napkins tied with coordinated ribbon.
As you may know, The Linen Shop already stocks an impressive collection of colors, textured fabrics, stripes and floral designs. The new colors and sheers will improve our selection and create more combination possibilities. If your event is casual or elegant; if your colors are earthy or bright; if your look is shiny, or flat; The Linen Shop at Occasions offers table dressings that will fit the style of your event precisely. For additional information, or to request samples, please contact Hallie or Connie from The Linen Shop at Occasions – linens@occasionsvt.com or 802.767.3272

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