Thursday, July 27, 2006

What to do With Your Wedding Cash:

Many couple's today receive an enormous amount of cash for their wedding (I am still amazed at how much we received for our wedding). What do you do with it? The temptation, of course, is to spend it. Maybe you didn't get the gifts you really wanted from your registry, or those hand-me-down couches really are kind-of rank, or you'd love a little extra cash to spend on your honeymoon. You definitely should enjoy it, don't get me wrong. But be careful how you spend. Invested wisely, your wedding money, in just a few years, could be a nice down payment on your first home. Or, it could also be a nice second honeymoon. If you are going to invest, consider options trading, which can yield return rates of 12% over the first 60 days, and 72% over a year. Follow the link for more information.

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