Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Trimming Your Monthly Budget to Increase Your Wedding Budget

If you are still looking for ways to trim from your budget...why not look at your other expenses? Can you downgrade your cable package (do you really need 11 different Showtime channels?), go out less, rent fewer movies. Take a look at your phone package and different insurance policies. Many times, people are eligible for money saving discounts on insurance and don't even know it (like good driver discounts, discounts for taking defensive driver classes). To price out different automotive insurance policies, follow the link.

Take a look at your personal budget and see where you spend extra money. Just by cutting back on your trips to Starbucks, Mickey D's and other little daily expenditures, you could easily be saving $50 or more dollars a month...and if you've got a year to plan, you're looking at an extra $600 right there. Reduce your cable, phone and insurances and who knows how much else you'll save (don't be afraid to ask am I getting the best deal...you'd be surprised at how often the answer is "Well, actually we now offer this package which can save you "X" amount of dollars a month.") The savings could mean the difference between a good honeymoon and the honeymoon of your dreams.

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