Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Do You Need A Pre-Nup?

You may think that the pre-nup agreement is only for those Hollywood royals, but in fact it can be a great idea for the every "woman". If this is a second marriage and there are children involved, or if you own your own business, these things can be used against you in court should your marriage not survive. If you are older, and feel your children should have your estate should anything happen to you, a pre-nup is another way to insure they get your prized possessions. You can protect the assets you already have, and would not want to live without. Did you know that if you walk into the marriage with considerably more money, and end up getting divorced, you might be responsible for paying alimony? So, while it used to be that only the "rich and famous" needed pre-nups, they really are a good idea for anyone with family or assets that you want to protect.

For more legal information, consult an attorney in your state.

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