Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Holiday Weddings

If you are considering having a wedding around the Christmas and New Year's Eve, there are somethings to consider. First, Christmas weddings, while they sound wildly beautiful and romantic, can actually cause more problems. First, those who aren't immediate family usually have plans to spend the holidays with their immediate family (like your older aunts and uncles who have kids of their own, and possibly even grandkids). Travel may also be difficult because of the unpredicatable weather (particularly if you live in the Northeast or Midwest). Times may also be limited because of extra church services (you may need to have an evening wedding). Holiday wedding are NOT impossibly though, and can be a blast, particularly if on New Year's Eve (what better way for guests to ring in the new dinner, dancing and celebrating a newly married couple?).

But, you may want to consider doing something a little extra special, particularly for those doing a lot of traveling. Why not put a little gift in their hotel rooms when they arrive (who doesn't love extra Christmas Gifts?) Get into the spirit of the holidays and create a gourmet gift basket in appreciation. Leave it "From Santa" perhaps with a copy of "A Visit From St. Nicholas" or another favorite Christmas verse. Follow the link above for more information.
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