Monday, April 03, 2006

Wedding Websites: The New Wedding "Must"

Personal Wedding Websites are becoming a necessity for every wedding for many reasons. Including important information eliminates questions that accompanied weddings in the pre - internet era. The stress reducing effect is as beneficial for the guests as it is for the couple.

Take for example, the gift registry. It is considered inappropriate to tell guests where one is registered in the invitation. This results in many phone calls by guests attempting to discover where the couple's gift registry is located. If the guest is not close to the immediate family, they will not know who to call to find out what stores the couple has selected to receive their gifts. This results in another bowl or serving piece that the couple will have to return the day after the wedding.

To avoid this stressful situation for the couple and the guests, couples can include their wedding website address in the invitation (which is completely acceptable according to all wedding etiquette experts). When guests visit the website to see their story, pictures, details, and other important information, they can easily find direct links to their online registries.

Another example of making life easier on the couple and their guests is having the details and maps posted directly on the wedding website where guests can access them anytime worldwide. Without a website, the couple will receive many phone calls about where and when each event is, as well as, "what's the best way to get there". The couple can also avoid including extra notes in the invitation to tell out of town guests where hotel arrangements have been made, if they have a wedding website.

Some guests seem to take their time returning the RSVP card that usually accompanies the invitation. Not many weddings go by without the need to call some guests directly to see whether they are planning to attend or not. Having a wedding website can reduce this pursuit. When guests visit the website to see all kinds of information and pictures they can RSVP at the click of a button.

The benefits of a personal wedding website are plentiful, including sharing pictures and stories with friends and family. Thanks to the advancements in technology, one can create a beautiful website without any knowledge of programming whatsoever. makes it as easy as filling in forms. Your information is fed into a beautiful design template of your choice. There is a 7 day Free Trial with no credit card required. Creating a website will make life easier for you and your guests and as a bonus you will have a lot of fun doing it.

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